Project for the Reconstruction of Community Health Care

●Comprehensive Training Center for Community Medicine

Many medical facilities in coastal areas of the Tohoku region were lost due to the tsunami occurred in March 2011. Also, many medical staffs lost their jobs. Before the disaster, the areas had faced a problem about shortage of medical staffs and facilities. There is fear that the loss of medical professionals will increase after the disaster.

Tohoku University established the Comprehensive Training Center for Community. At the center, medical staffs from disaster-affected areas will learn about cutting-edge medical care. It aims to contribute to the rebuilding of community medicine and the training of professionals, capable of taking a leading role in community and disaster medicine in disaster-affected areas.

●Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization

The Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization -ToMMo- will develop future-oriented medical services and contribute the rebuilding of community medicine.

The Tohoku Medical Megabank Project consists of three main programs: medical support for disaster areas; creation of a biobank combining medical and genome information; and special educational program designed for a variety of highly specialized professionals and experts such as researchers of bioinformatics and genetic counselors.